book worm

There are a few books (oldies, but goodies!) that have recently inspired me to make some changes & entertain me along the way! Nothing like a feel-good book!

1- Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang – by Chelsea Handler

From page one, it’s a laugh to the very end, and pure good entertainment! I love her show on the E! Network and this book only makes me love her more! She is hilarious when she tells stories from her childhood, especially because some of them are SO relatable!! She is vulgar, but nothing short of entertaining!! Love it!! I will be purchasing her second book very soon…can’t believe I haven’t yet!

2 – Skinny Bitch – by Rory Freedman & Kim Barnouin

This is my go-to health and diet book. The title explains it all – how to become a Skinny Bitch… It’s a “tough love” guide to stop eating crap & to start looking fab!!

3 – The Secret – by Rhonda Byrne

The third book I am currently reading is a life book. Basically it describes the “Law of Attraction” and helps you make your dreams a reality, simply by using your own perspective & reaching your goals with your mind! Great reccomedation from years ago & glad I took the suggestion!



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