J. Choo rain boots

When I felt the first raindrop this year, I began lusting after a pair of new rainboots!! Initially, the Hunter™ rain boots caught my eye – the soft feel, cushy insoles, & oh the shiny rainbow assortment of colors!! But, while shopping online for them, I spotted these croc-print, Rolls Royce of Hunter’s:


I also noticed a few celeb’s like Ashley Olsen & Rachel Bilson sporting them!



The more I tried to convince myself to purchase an ol’ ordinary, and by ordinary I mean CHEAP pair of rain boots, the more I lusted after the $425 Jimmy Choo’s! But, since I have a champagne taste on a beer budget, I thought I’d better keep dreaming. Until….I stumbled on a mini-miracle!

While strolling through the mall a few weeks later, I spotted the similar black croc print kicks (minus the price tag!) (at Old Navy for only $35!! I couldn’t wait to test them out!! I made my purchase in-store a few months ago (the black is no longer available online but the gray still is!) Needless to say, I’m enjoying the Louisville showers!



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