So, after being inspired from so many things (people, places, events, fellow bloggers, etc!) I decided to start my own blog! I will mostly be posting about my favorite fashion finds & trends, home goods, scrumptious recipies, interesting places, and such! Hope you enjoy! (:


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  • Sarah

    Hello and I’m Sarah and work at Recipe This.

    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you but I have just seen your Vegetarian Recipes on a Budget ebook on Amazon.co.uk and feel it would make a great partner for RecipeThis.com. We are a family cookery blog that gets the majority of its visitors from the UK, USA & Australia via social media, SEO and word of mouth. We also have an Alexa rank in the top 140,000 which shows that we are a quality site that Alexa endorses.

    We are working with a range of book/ebook sellers to expand people’s recipe knowledge. I want to find a few recipe ebook owners that I can work with as a partnership. I would like to publish one of the recipes from your ebook, test it out and show my results and review your book. We would then publish the recipe on our blog at recipethis.com and would then encourage people to buy your ebook via our Amazon affiliate link.

    And of course we will heavily promote the review so that we can make affiliate commissions and so that YOU can get more sales for your book.

    The price we charge for this is very low and it is just $125.00 + a copy of the ebook. Also we will include a free review on Amazon to help with your status in the review rankings.


    Special offer (just for March) we are currently offering our two part review service for half price strictly for those booked through me. Simply quote “sarahcoupon” and we will forward you a reduced price link.

    Please let me know if this is something you would like to do and then we can get started. I am really keen to show my readers all about the different ebooks that are available.

    Kind regards


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