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25 ways to wear a scarf

Scarfs are a pureobsession of mine, and now that fall has arrived, I don’t look like a compete goofball wearing one 24/7! I had to share this video I seen online with everyone!! I had no idea there were so many ways to wear a scarf!! Here’s the 4 1/2 minute video: 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf


Slice of Diamond

I’ve been cleaned through the mounds of clothes in my closet – hate to admit it, but I have clothes in there from the middle school eeekk!! I pulled a cool graphic print tee outta the closet & decided to change it up a bit! Here’s how:

First, with scissors, cut the neck trim off all of the way around – this gives it a more rustic look instead of the classic crew neckline! Then, cut the back of the neck off to match the V-neck look of the front. (Chalk can be used to “trace” the neckline if you don’t feel comfortable cutting just freehand)


Using scissors & plain paper, cut a diamond shape out of the paper (size varies depending on the length of the shirt – the longer the shirt, the bigger the diamond size) and tape it to the lower/middle back of the tee! Then make starting points (north, south, east, west) to be used as guidelines to keep the slices even!

Then, starting from the outer part of the shirt inward [toward the diamond paper shape using it as a stopping point]. Do this until there are approx. 1″ cuts all the way around, forming a diamond shape of solid material in the middle of the back. Once all the cuts are made, remove the paper & tape!! Super Simple!!







Also, a brightly colored tank or cami will really pop through the slits of material!! Happy cutting! 🙂

Asparagus-Gruyere Tart

I’ve been wanting to try this Asparagus Gruyere Tart recipe ever since I seen it, so this weekend I gathered up the ingredients and gave it a whirl!! I’m very pleased how it turned out! Although it looked SO delicious on-line, let’s face it…looks can be deceiving, especially when you’re not exactly a professional chef! They always make everything look so easy!! But, this recipe was actually a cinch–super simple, cheap, & quick!! If you really wanna jazz it up a bit, diced chicken breast, chopped bacon pieces, thin sliced tomato, and/or a bit of minced garlic can be added on top for a little smidgen of flavor! Also, if you’re a fan of food dipping, hummus or something similar may be a great side addition! I do, however, recommend watching the video posted on the link before starting – it has great tips!